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Sharing ways we can change our habits to save Earth’s habitats,
starting with what’s on our plates.

Our Mission

Wild Mission wants to activate a growing community of people to create a real change in our behaviors and recognize the responsibility we have to help keep our planet alive. We believe we are all in charge of protecting the ecosystem, and by providing educational material and funding like-minded projects, we aim to become a resource for action.

We empower people with the resources to lead change

We take action as a community through wild missions

Our values

Aspire to do better

Believe in the power of community driven change

Respect the equal rights of all living beings

Feel a responsibility to act for our planet

Communicate from a place of openness & understanding

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Get involved!

If you’re interested in learning more and taking action in creative ways within your community, we’d love to have you join our growing team of activists. Through Wild Mission, we support all types of initiatives to spread awareness around ways we need to change our habits to protect Earth’s habitats and treat all beings equally. So whether you have an idea of a project you want to build or don’t quite know where to start but want to get more involved, this can be a great first step. 

Our only wish is that you share our values and carry them forward in action as we work together to save our future on this planet.

Live by these values

Represent the values we share at Wild Mission, promote sustainable living and raise awareness.

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Engage with us on social media: share our posts, tag us in your own and mention that you’re a member of Wild Mission on your profile.

Share your voice

We’d love to feature your tips on how each of us can lead a greener lifestyle and make a bigger impact. Get in touch with us if you have an idea!

Take action with us

From protests to fundraising and other wild missions, we welcome you to take a more active role with us in fighting for a future on this planet. Get in touch to get involved.

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