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Today the day started very early, with the first rays of sun ripping through the sky. Beautiful tones of red, the color the sun presents us with before it is directly visible in our horizon line, blooming through our room.


We started the day with one of my favorite activities, an early morning drive, from 6h30am and that can go on for 3, 4 or even 5 hours, like this one did. Personally I love the morning drive because of the feeling it gives me, I find something very special in the morning event, as if a new range of possibilities are born with the new day, all of this surrounded by beautiful smells, sounds and eyesights, flirting with our senses; the smell of the wet lands combined with a light breeze which simultaneous smells and feels amazing on the touch with the skin, bringing an internal sense of peace that only Mother Nature is able to do.


This was also the first time we had a ranger driving with us. Usually these drives are organized with a local guide or with a guide provided by the Safari company, so it was a privilege to sit and learn with these experts.


It’s beautiful the love and passion they have for their territory, the nature and what they do, inspiring even. These people live in the national park close to the animals, and this day to day contact makes them create very close bonds to their surrounding. They are passionate animal and nature lovers, wishing to show and present to everyone the great treasure they hold and protect, and in every eye contact, every word and every facial expression they express and show this love.


The second part of the day was completed with a boat safari, also a great experience, where the ranger that was driving the boat was explaining how to behave when coming in contact with the nature and with wild animals. Sometimes people forget that we are visiting their home, we are not anymore in our house, and this demands from us a set of conduct and respect which is needed, as if we would be visiting our Grandma’s house, with love but also with respect.