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The creative process behind the logo was one that took a long time in brainstorming, learning techniques around naming process creation, and lots of fun.


In Wild Mission the founding team is composed of ten people, but more than ten people, we are ten friends. We all met in different phases in our lives, from going to the same Erasmus city, to working on the same company, we all found friendship and support in each other, and this connection and cumplicity is translated into passion, love, professionalism and ambition for our project.


Now, getting into specifics around our name, our name is composed by two different concepts. From one side we have the “Wild”, from other we have “Mission”.


They have both an independent meaning and symbology, as well as when combined.


The “Wild” side of Wild Mission is intended to connect with the lost side of the human nature, our “Wild” side which is rooted in our long and ancient relationship with nature, from the times we used to live and thrive in the savannah.

We, as a species, created some of the most incredible structures of the world, as well as were able to achieve in every generation things that would seem unnatainable in the last generation. But all the development comes with a price, and that price is a very unstable and unhealthy relationship between human beings and the ecossystems that are vital for us. This is a connection that should be carefully mended and taken care of, in the same way we would help any animal or person that we would see needing our help and support. We need to rebuild, reshape and reinvent this connection that is so special and necessary for our species.


With “Mission” we wanted to create a sense of urgency. We are on a mission, a mission of sharing awareness on how we, as individuals, can take a stand for what is wrong and what we do not believe in.

Many times we are faced with wrongs in our lives, things we do not agree with, or things that we would like to change. We believe though that we are powerless, but we are not. The world is in a state of emergency and, unfortunately, even though a lot of people seem to understand this, our governments and representatives are bureacratic institutions which carry a lot of inertia when it comes to change.


But we can make a change as individuals, the world runs based of our habits, and our habits translate into consumption habits. What we consume, shaped the world, drives demand and supply, and by changing what we, as consumers, look for, we are inherently driving the world into the habits that we want to reinforce.


We are not powerless, every one of us as a voice, and, as a vote represents our opinions, ideologies, principles and ethics in a sulfrage, also our daily habits represent these same ideas, principles and ethics, but on a daily form. And we are here to make people come to this realisation.